As I start to release the remaining songs for the Seven Deadly Sins album, I decided to build a bridge for you to cross into the world of Braintenna. Once you make the decision to cross the bridge, there is no turning back!

I will show you everything that happens behind the scenes and what it takes to create each song.

Are You In?

Since this album took a lot of time and energy to create, I wanted to make sure you were told the whole story. So, I created this map which will help you navigate behind the scenes of the creative processes for the album. Once you’re inside, you will receive:

  • High Quality WAV Downloads Of Each Song That Have Been Released
  • Have Early Access To Songs That Aren’t Released Yet
  • Lyrics For Every Song  And What Inspired Them
  • Guitar Tabs For Each Song
  • Videos Discussing The Writing Process For Each Song

You will be the first to hear new songs and get all the  behind the scenes content before anyone else!  

Cross the Braintenna Bridge and I’ll see you on the other side!