Mission Briefing:

Welcome aboard the Braintenna space ship, Traveler! If you don’t know already, we started our journey exploring our universe with the Braintenna single Mercury. Then Venus, Earth and Mars. You have joined us as we make our way to Jupiter but this is going to be a long journey with many adventures along the way.
This journey can really take a toll on your health mentally and physically. Just last week the crew started freaking out because we didn’t have avocados to make guacamole for Taco Tuesday. Sunshine the vocalist was so upset he refused to come out of his room and play the Braintenna show we had scheduled for the Travelers. Luckily one of the new Travelers who teleported to the ship after signing up to join us on this journey, brought avocados. I guess Sunshine forgot we can teleport items as needed. The More You Know!
In other terrifying news, we have 5 horrifying beasts that have breached the ship and are running rampant. The Braintenna ship is so large that it is going to take some time to conquer them all. We did manage to corner a long-haired beast in the bathroom on the storage level. We called him Leech. This thing had the ability to turn your mood into anxiety and depression as you approached it. The closer you got, the more anxious and depressed you felt. 
Brian Tanner, our handy man, came up with the idea to build a positively charged cage. The cage would deflect the negative emotions around Leech so it wouldn’t affect us while we tried to capture him.
The crew decided to draw straws to see who was going to get close enough to Leech and draw him out of the bathroom so we could drop the cage over him. It was just my luck, I got the short straw and had to be the nominee. As I walked into the bathroom I felt this over whelming/depressed feeling. I knew he was approaching me because as I stood still in the doorway, the feeling was getting worse and worse. I kept repeating in my head, to “Walk Backwards” but every time I started to repeat those words, the thoughts “You Should End This”, “You Aren’t Good Enough”, “You Don’t Deserve This”, “Nothing Matters Anyways”, “Why Am I Even Here”, would come flooding in and make me feel weak and unmotivated to move. 
I was eventually able to leave the bathroom while powering through all of the negative thoughts. Leech walked right under the positively charged cage as it dropped on him. He is now in rehab on the 5th floor, getting the treatment he deserves. No need to release this beast back into the universe, causing future problems. For me, on the other hand, I had to see our ship’s therapist for a little bit to work out the negative thoughts from encountering Leech. Performing music and hanging out with the crew and the rest of the Travelers really sped up my recovery. I feel lucky to be alive after that experience!
There are many more stories I have for you and I am sure you will experience some crazy situations with Braintenna. But for now, go explore the ship and visit all it has to offer such as the lounge, concert hall, arcade, virtual reality room and many more! Oh and if you see Jay the guitarist, tell him he owes me $50 Braintenna bucks. He lost a bet that he could eat more Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches than me. He didn’t know I starved myself for 3 days just to defeat him. But really, in the end, the Nashville Hot Sauce defeated me. Damn you delicious Nashville Hot Sauce!! Damn You!! 


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