Join Braintenna As We Continue Our Journey On This Interplanetary Exploration!

Our latest single, Alive, is off our new EP titled Conqueror. Join us as we continue our adventure exploring our solar system. We started the voyage with our last EP Travelers. We visited the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, and we are now on our way to Jupiter. This trip already has some crazy stories and adventures, starting with Alive. Get your boarding pass and read the story from the beginning to now. There is no going back once you book your boarding pass to join us on the Braintenna spacecraft.



Do you dare to travel through the solar system with Braintenna and have a life-changing experience you’ll never forget?



Your Braintenna boarding pass grants you access the Conqueror album as we write and release each single. You will be given

  • High Quality WAV Downloads Of Each Song
  • Early Access To Songs That Haven’t Been Released Yet
  • Lyrics For Every Song 
  • The Story Behind Braintenna’s Space Adventure That Only You And An Amazing Community Know About


You will be the first to hear Conqueror before anyone else! 

In addition, the Braintenna store offers discounted merchandise.

 Grab your boarding pass and let’s go explore this crazy universe!


Conquer With Us!