Mission Briefing:

Rise and shine Traveler, our date with Venus was a success! Nobody fell in love or got blown away in a hurricane. We are heading home for a pit stop to refuel and stock up on inventory before we head off to Mars and the rest of the planets. Unfortunately, we will not be landing on our beautiful planet Earth but instead connecting with the International Space Station.  Our families have been given a free pass to come up and see us before we leave for our long journey, so relax and unwind and maybe go to a party. Thats right! Braintenna is hosting and performing on the ISS, so bring your family and get ready to mosh! 

Before we board the ISS, you need to know that we will be moving at about 16,000 miles an hour so don’t look down! Just kidding, you won’t even realize the speed when you are looking out the window and see our beautiful green and blue rock. If you and your family happen to miss the sunset don’t worry, there will be 15 more.  We will see the sun rise and set every 45 minutes in a day, so get your fix because we won’t be this close to the Sun and Earth for a very long time. 

As a precaution, please do not get drunk and end up in the server room on the ISS. This happened once before and nearly wiped out the 44 super computers that operate the station. Dammit Brian Tanner!

Get ready to see your family and rock out at the Braintenna show!

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