Mission Briefing:

Greetings, Traveler. I hope you had a blast at the Braintenna show and spent some quality time with family. Our next destination is the 4th rock from the sun, Mars! The red planet has so many oddities we can explore, but unfortunately we won’t have time to explore them all. The pyramid, the face, and the dust devils are what most people want to see. But feel free to choose from the large list or create your own oddity, and make the conspiracy world go wild for a minute over your new findings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Our main concern with exploring Mars is the dust devils that wreak havoc on our equipment and deplete our visibility. If your space suit is damaged durning a dust devil storm, then you need to get back to base ASAP. Previous spacesuits would render you 20 seconds of survival if you ended up in a dire situation, however thanks to the advancement in space suit technology from the one and only Brian Tanner, you will have 25 seconds of survival. So get your ass back to the Braintenna ship ASAP (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent). 

won’t go into more detail about our red neighbor since most of us have knowledge about this dead planet (thanks to movies like Total Recall, The Martian , Mars Attacks and many more). Oh! And you can’t forget about your boy Elon Musk. He paved the way for humans to explore the cosmos and the red planet was his first target. So don’t forget to visit the Elon gift shop at Base 1. The Elon on Mars bobble heads are hysterical.

Enjoy your stay here on Mars and don’t forget if you find any ancient tablets, or what seems to be ancient martian knowledge, inform one of the Braintenna team leaders so we can hide it from the governments. We don’t need World War 5 breaking out cause a Braintenna Traveler found something the governments all want and would die for. 

Finally, travel with a few buddies while exploring. Don’t go off on your own and get spotted by 5 green Martians.

Have fun and enjoy your time on Mars!

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