Mission Briefing:

Welcome Traveler, our first destination is to the closest planet to the sun, Mercury!! As we explore this little planet for the first time  you will notice your body mass is much less on Mercury than Earth; 38% less to be exact. So, don’t start rough housing with your friends or you might just float away if someone drop kicks you. Stay with the group or we will have to lock hands while we explore, just like in kindergarten class. 

Mercury’s core is made up of iron which is similar to Earth’s moon. The planet can be very hot, so put on your mineral sunscreen, because it may feel like you are being cooked in a cast iron skillet (which you literally are at 800 degrees Fahrenheit)! The nights on Mercury are as insane as the days, reaching a chilling -300 degrees Fahrenheit. Your space suit will keep you warm up to -290 degrees, so bring a scarf for that extra -10 degrees just in case. 

Since we will be on the planet closest to the sun you should probably grab your big granny sunglasses that were provided to you in your gift bag.  You know, the ones at the pharmacy that granny and grandmpy wear that cover the entire face and sides. Your gift bag is located in the cubby in your room. If you lose your sunglasses when looking down a crater while exploring, head to the gift shop in the Braintenna spaceship and pick up another pair or 5. It is easy to lose them while in a space suit, so grab the sunglass chains as well. 

We should have a smooth landing on the surface thanks to the landscape pictures taken by the Mariner spacecraft in 1974. Thank you previous NASA missions for making all of this possible! 

Looking forward to exploring Mercury with you! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!

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