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Grab your 7 Deadly Sins Shirt and Signed CD!!
Enjoy our last album with hit singles like Wrath, Envy and Greed!
7 Deadly Sins Shirt and Signed CD

*All of your favorite Sins on one shirt!

*Grab your 7 Deadly Sins shirt that list hits like Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth Gluttony, Lust and Pride🤘🤘

Braintenna’s 2nd album “Seven Deadly Sins” is filled with heavy hitting songs that the band will continue with  like Wrath, Envy and Greed, while offering a more rock sound with Sloth and Gluttony. Lust and Pride bring a more softer tone that the band is moving away from but still enjoy today.🤘

I am going to autograph your cd because you are so awesome!! – Kyle B.

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