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I appreciate you so much for listening and sharing the music.

“Travelers ” has the heaviest songs so far from Braintenna. The idea of traveling

through space and experiencing unimaginable situations drew inspiration on how dark, heavy and energetic these songs should be. Buckle up because Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars will take you on a journey you have never experienced before. And this is only the beginning!


 This album really guided the sound that will move Braintenna forward. The first songs that were written for the album (Greed, Lust and Pride) helped shape not only the writing process but also how the songs should be represented. Greed being an instrumental and Lust/Pride having rock vocals diversified those songs but as the writing and sins intensified, so did the sound. 


Wrath, Envy, Gluttony and Sloth called for a heavier sound and we had to deliver, with pleasure. Even though I like many genres of music, I am a metal head for life and feel that to be my true self. I need to write heavy music and that is what Braintenna will be from here on out. 




Enjoy the 7 Deadly Sins album!