Mission Briefing:

Hello Traveler, I hope you learned a lot from our exploration of Mercury. We are now heading to Venus, the hottest and brightest planet in the Earth’s sky. If you thought Mercury was hot at its 800 degree temperature, then you might want to know that Venus is hotter by an average of 65 degrees. So, get into the Braintenna sauna at the space gym on level 2 near the food court. We purposely set the average temperature in the sauna to be 1,000 degrees, so when we arrive at Venus the 865 degrees will be easy for you.  Our amazing space suit designer/handyman, Brian Tanner, used tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide in the suits, which can withstand temperatures up to 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So have no worries about Venus’s spicy temperature, because you can literally walk into a volcano with the suit on and walk out with better skin! Did someone say spa day? What will Brian Tanner think of next…

In all seriousness, Venus’s weather is a bit loco. The blanket of sulfuric acid clouds combined with a crushing atmosphere more than 90 times the pressure of Earth’s, made the Braintenna team design and build a custom all terrain vehicle to withstand the weather. Because of the intense hurricanes, we added super strong magnets to the base of the ATV that are attracted to Venus’s core which is iron. That way we don’t fly away into the abyss. And yes. the ATV has cup holders for your favorite Venus mixed drink, The Aphrodite. The Greeks named that drink. 

Now this is the last and most important  briefing before we arrive on Venus. No matter what happens, DO NOT fall in love with Venus. The planet has a way of attracting you into its warm atmosphere and then poof, you are never seen of again. Just like LOVE! So don’t fall in love with the planet cause that’s weird and gross, eww. 

Get cleaned up and be ready for your date with Venus!

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